56NiCrMoV7 (1.2714) Tool Steel

DIN 1.2714 is one type of hot work tool steel with good hardenability and wear resistance, commonly used in the manufacture of molds, punches, drawing dies, cold heading dies, stamping dies, gauges, and wear-resistant components.

This steel contains high levels of nickel, chromium and molybdenum components, as well as trace amounts of vanadium, these elements give 56NiCrMoV7 excellent properties.

1.2714 Steel

Chemical Composition of 56NiCrMoV7 (1.2714) Steel

56NiCrMoV7 is a tool steel grade under the German standard DIN 17350: Tool Steels – Technical Conditions of Delivery.

Carbon (C) 0.50-0.60 Molybdenum (Mo) 0.45-0.55
Silicon (Si) 0.10-0.40 Nickel (Ni) 1.50-1.80
Manganese (Mn) 0.65-0.95 Vanadium (V) 0.07-0.12
Chromium (Cr) 1.00-1.20 Phosphorus (P) , Sulfur (S) ≤ 0.030

Equivalent Steel Grades of 56NiCrMoV7 (1.2714)

1.2714 steel has equivalent grades in EU, ASTM, JIS, BS, AFNOR standards, but no direct equivalent in the Chinese GB standard.

Europe USA Germany Japan England France
55NiCrMoV7 L6 56NiCrMoV7 SKT4 BH224-5 55NCDV7